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Yellow Animal Transportation
LT House Favorite 2005  

John, the first one is yellow. I was Bob Hope, MC for our USO show at our
American Legion Post. I didn't get to many laughs but got a lot of Boo's.

2. Sometimes I am called a RAT (Regional Action Team) and our goal is to
raise money for The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, Inc which I
am President of.

3. That's a 1925 Dodge Brothers vehicle I have driven in our Annual Swamp
Cabbage Parade which is held the last full weekend in February.

4. This is the only picture I could find of my house at 555 Justina in
Hinsdale (Cook County unincorporated) while I was at LT. That's my father
and my mother's youngest sister.

John, these are my grand kids who live in Crown Point, IN. Along with their
father they are die hard Sox fans. Cameron can be persuaded to be a Cub fan
if I work on her long enough. I'm sure you can tell this was this years
Christmas Card they sent out.