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The dog is my middle daughter's Weimaraner, Gus. Either I or she took
his picture with my digital camera on the dock of our extended
family's place in central Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend 2002. He's a
big 3-year-old moose now, but loving and gentle. Driving home that
Monday, I was headed west into a sunset that got more and more
spectacular. I shot that sky between Tomah and La Crosse, through the
windshield. I added the sky to the dog picture (using Photoshop) to
make a greeting card and sent it to a few friends. Gay, I hope you're
not disillusioned and don't think I'm a faker now...

The mascot baseball game preceded a Twins game in the Metrodome. Not
as wacky a scene as Bill Veeck used to create at Comiskey Park
sometimes, but it was pretty funny.

I shot the black-and-white holding my camera at arm's length while
flying in a Piper Cherokee four-seater with Larry Pearson, right, a
newspaper colleague and pilot, in 1975. Both of us were dating Deb,
seated in back, more or less. She and I have been married 29 years
now. Larry works at the Anchorage Daily News, is retired from the
University of Alaska faculty and has a son in the Army in Iraq. So
you might think of him, loosely, as a b(B)ush pilot.

A sign in St. Paul

Here are 4 photos with no digital funny business. As often, I'm living in the past -- our ranch house at 5817 Howard in La Grange Highlands (1950-58) and our house at 812 N. Stone in La Grange Park (1958-75), where I lived during South Campus and North Campus years, respectively; a slide dated August 1959 of flowers I think were in John Endriz's mom's garden; the Big Ben clock tower in London (impressive building) at sunset, Feb. 1998; and a couple on a bus bench in Minneapolis in summer 1975 -- I don't know what
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