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Impressive Building Flower House Front
Animal Something Yellow

LT House

Favorite 2005 Transportation Favorite View

It is my sons house in Corona, CA, and also the house where I live when in I am in California.

The yellow car is a 1966 Chevy El Camino owned by my next door neighbor. On the classic market it is worth around $15K.

Joyce and I were slumming in the Loop last summer. One of many interesting photos I took of downtown Chicago.

The flower is an Epithelium. It is a member of the cactus family. This color variety blossoms from red, magenta thru crimson as you can see in the photo. I also have a variety that blossoms from off white, pink and peach. They only blossom once a year in May. However I have had some confused flowers that actually blossomed in November. This is a rare but beautiful and welcome occurrence.

The silhouette is a  Anna's Hummingbird about to land on "its own" feeder for a feast. Very territorial, he gets upset when a fellow hummer tries to sneak a bite.

Here is a photo of the house I lived in when I went to LT. It was totally destroyed in the year 2000 to build a new house lacking in character and nostalgic charm

"Skimming over Florida wetlands in this vintage airboat was one hell of a ride".

"Paul and Joyce do their rendition of  "I'm Mr. Blue" on the ships stage during last years Bahamas cruise".

This photo was shot with a real 35mm camera around 1970 along California Hwy. 395 on the way to Hot Creek, a natural hot springs recreational area north of Bishop, CA".